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Тип документа: Technical Report
Название: Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System (OAIS)
Ключевые слова: Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS);addition of Access Rights Information to PDI
Дата публикации: 2012
Библиографическое описание: Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System (OAIS), Recommended Practice, CCSDS 650.0-M-2 (Magenta Book) Issue 2, June 2012
Страниц: 135
URI: http://elib.ict.nsc.ru/jspui/handle/ICT/1451
Краткий обзор (реферат): STATEMENT OF INTENT The Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) is an organization officially established by the management of its members. The Committee meets periodically to address data systems problems that are common to all participants, and to formulate sound technical solutions to these problems. Inasmuch as participation in the CCSDS is completely voluntary, the results of Committee actions are termed Recommendations and are not in themselves considered binding on any Agency. CCSDS Recommendations take two forms: Recommended Standards that are prescriptive and are the formal vehicles by which CCSDS Agencies create the standards that specify how elements of their space mission support infrastructure shall operate and interoperate with others; and Recommended Practices that are more descriptive in nature and are intended to provide general guidance about how to approach a particular problem associated with space mission support. This Recommended Practice is issued by, and represents the consensus of, the CCSDS members. Endorsement of this Recommended Practice is entirely voluntary and does not imply a commitment by any Agency or organization to implement its recommendations in a prescriptive sense. No later than five years from its date of issuance, this Recommended Practice will be reviewed by the CCSDS to determine whether it should: (1) remain in effect without change; (2) be changed to reflect the impact of new technologies, new requirements, or new directions; or (3) be retired or canceled. In those instances when a new version of a Recommended Practice is issued, existing CCSDS-related member Practices and implementations are not negated or deemed to be non- CCSDS compatible. It is the responsibility of each member to determine when such Practices or implementations are to be modified. Each member is, however, strongly encouraged to direct planning for its new Practices and implementations towards the later version of the Recommended Practice.
Описание: This issue includes: clarifications to many concepts, in particular Authenticity with the concept of Transformational Information Property introduced; corrections and improvements in diagrams; addition of Access Rights Information to PDI. Annex A from the previous issue, describing existing archives, has been removed. A security annex has been added as required by CCSDS. Substantive changes are indicated by change bars in the inside margin.
Язык документа: en_EN
Располагается в коллекциях:Стандарты ISO, ANSI и др. международные стандарты и рекомендации

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