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5404417987140Conference Article2012Alekseenko O.P., Potapenko D.I., Chemy S.G., Esipov D.V., Kuranakov D.S., Lapin V.N. 3-d modeling of fracture initiation from perforated non-cemented wellbore // Society of Petroleum Engineers - SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference 2012: SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference 2012 / sponsors: Schlumberger, Coiled Tubing and Fracturing Energy Services, Inc., Baker Hughes, Dorf Ketal, Mission Well Services. - 2012. - The Woodlands, TX. - P.96-111.
--Book-KENNETH E. IVERSON, A Programming Language // John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1962
--Technical Report2009Advantages of thesaurus representation using the Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) compared with proposed alternatives /Department of Information and Documentation. University of Murcia. Campus of Espinardo, Murcia, Spain
--Article2012Муратбеков М.М., Балганов Д.С. AES алгоритмін Open CL технологиясы ортасында графикалық және көп ядролы орталық процессорларында іске асыру// Л.Н. Гумилев атындағы Еуразиялық ұлттық университетінің хабаршысы №6, Астана, 2012. – Б.91-101.
5417818119086Article2012Mulser P., Weng S.M., Liseykina T. Analysis of the Brunel model and resulting hot electron spectra // Physics of Plasmas. - 2012. - Vol.19. - Iss. 4. - ISSN 1070-664X. - EISSN 1089-7674.
--Article2015Жуманбаева А.М., Самбетбаева А.К., Мирзахмедова Г.А. Android ОЖ үшін SQLite деректер қорын қолдану ерекшеліктері // Қазақ ұлттық техникалық университеті хабаршысы №4, Алматы, 2015. - Б.422-427.
--Technical Report2005ANSI/NISO Z39.19 - 2005 Guidelines for the Construction, Format, and Management of Monolingual Controlled Vocabularies. //National Information Standards Organization, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
5417717998928Article2012Fionov A., Polyakov Y., Ryabko B. Application of computer capacity to evaluation of intel x86 processors // Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing. - 2012. - Vol.145 AISC. - Iss. VOL. 2. - P.99-104. - ISSN 1867-5662.
--Book Chapter2004Area Without Integration: Make Your Own Planimeter Robert L. Foote, Ed Sandifer /Columbia University Press .
--Article2006Леонид Черняк. ARPA за десять лет до ARPAnet // Открытые системы. Computerworld Россия №25, 2006
--Article1945Vannevar Bush, As We May Think // The Atlantic Monthly, July 1945.
--Article2015Жуманбаева А.М., Самбетбаева А.К., Мирзахмедова Г.А. C# программалау тілінде «ВКонтакте» əлеуметтік желісіне арналған desktop қосымшасын құру №4, Алматы, 2015. - Б.414-421.
--Article1978John Backus. Can programming be liberated from the von Neumann style?: a functional style and its algebra of programs // Communications of the ACM, Volume 21, Number 8, August 1978. p. 613-641
--Technical Report2012(Undefined)
--Article2004Леонид Черняк. Colossus, победивший Lorenz // Открытые системы. СУБД №10, 2004 - С.60-63.
--Book2000Computing before computers / edited by William Aspray
--Book Chapter2007Computing Versus Human Thinking / Communications of the ACM
5418921906601Article2013Groisman P., Gordov E., Maksyutov S. Current status and future earth system studies in Northern Eurasia // EOS: transactions, American Geophysical Union. - 2013. - Vol.94. - Iss. 52. - ISSN 0096-3941. - EISSN 2324-9250.
--Technical Report2011Definition of the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model, Version 5.0.4. CIDOC. November 2011.
5420420416096Conference Article2013Dutykh D., Mitsotakis D., Beisel S.A., Shokina N. Dispersive waves generated by an underwater landslide // Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic Equations: Theory and Appl., An Int. Conf. to Honour Professor E.F. Toro - Proc. of the Int. Conf. on Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic Equations: Theory and Appl. - 2013. - P.245-250. - ISBN: 9780415621502.